Well, that’s precisely what was going to help you with on this week’s show, where you’ll learn how to Convert your Inner Conscious into your Coach I am your host Sudhakar, a certified Executive Coach.

Every leader; be it at a junior level or CXO level can convert his/her Inner Voice or Conscious into decision making a guide and more importantly can transform that into an Inner Coach.

Let me quickly bring you to the speed as what Coaching is all about: In the last six years since I have started practicing Coaching, I have been closely following world leading coaches to figure out what is that they all have in common and according to them what is the best definition of Coaching.

Ourselves, so we have to turn our private voice into our inner coach so that when we go through those tough times, our inner coach can guide us through them.

In the above two examples, the first one is the untamed Inner Voice, and in the second example, it is the inner voice as my Coach.