With a continuous paucity of time in today’s business environment, executives get little or no chance to work on their indigenous development as a leader. They have a hard time fulfilling their responsibilities at work and don’t get an opportunity to reflect on their experiences and learn from them. This leads to a widening gap between their potential and their achievements; a gap that can be fulfilled by an executive coach.

The need for hiring an executive coach goes much beyond correcting subpar performance issues or resolving behavioural problems. An executive coach sharpens executive level skills and developmental skills that have an impact over the entire organization.

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Big names also bat for an executive coach

Executive coaching is often a journey which leads to self discovery of the individual. Rather than imparting any new skill set or giving a solution to any persisting problem, an executive coach’s responsibility is to make you re-discover your potential and come up with the solution that was always known to you, but was somehow hidden from your sight. The main aim of executive coaching is to ensure that you become the best version of yourself as an executive, as a leader and as a person. From Google’s Eric Schmidt to Microsoft’s Bill Gates, a number of well known corporate heavyweights have asserted that it is essential for executives to have a coach by their side to explore their complete potential. Having a coach for an executive is as imperative as the need for an athlete to have a coach.

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What an executive coach gives you

If you are still looking for reasons to hire an executive coach for you, here are a few of them –

  • An executive coach helps you gain a unique perspective and have someone who can make you see your blind spots
  • He assists you in making better decisions and fulfils your need to have a sounding board. It also gives you a platform to share your ideas and strategies with a person with no vested interests
  • An executive coach helps you transition into a new role by helping you hit the ground running
  • An executive coach provides you an outlet to vent out your emotions, disappointments and frustrations at a safe and secure place