Every organization has a handful of people who are above the rest. These are the people who drive the company’s profits, set new benchmarks and make examples for the others to follow. These high performance executives are the lifeline of their company and are treated that way. While almost all the companies have such executives, they treat them in different ways. Some companies are just happy with their current performance and don’t think about maximizing their potential. The other companies actually employ more resources to extract the most out of these high performing executives and boost the company’s fortunes. The most valuable resource that most latter companies end up employing on their high performance executives is an executive coach.

What we don’t realize is that high performance executives need as much motivation or even more at times, as compared to the other employees since they are always looked upon by others. In fact, since any impact on their performance can have a major impact on the company’s fortunes, it is imperative that they are constantly motivated by specialists, such as an executive coach.

How can an executive coach assist high performance executives

One of the misconceptions attached with executive coaches is that you need them only when the going is tough and you need some assistance or change in behaviour. We seldom think of an executive coach for an executive who is already performing well. However, that’s not ideal. High performing executives have their concerns, including being complacent, losing motivation to work harder and developing high headedness. An executive coach plays a crucial role in making sure that none of these unwanted issues distract the high performance executives. An executive coach constantly reminds them that they are still far from their best and just being better than their counterpart doesn’t really translate into being the best.

On the other hand, when the high performance executives are going through a dull period and are insecure about their numero uno position being challenged, an executive coach can reassure them of their capabilities and instil the much needed faith and confidence in their own abilities. In other words, whichever way the high performance executives deviate, the executive coach can bring them back to the line which is in theirs and the organization’s best interests.

Don’t take your high performing executives for granted. Get them an executive coach before they lose their motivation.