Here’s the thing with problems – they always seem daunting. As a kid, not being able to reach the kitchen shelf was a daunting problem; in school, getting those maths problems right was a daunting task and now as an executive, finding solutions to certain situations seems like a daunting order. But like always, right through your life, the solution to these problems lie either within you or at a hand’s length. All you need is a guide to help you introspect and look for that elusive solution. At this stage of your life, that guide can be in the form of an Executive Coach.

An executive coach breaks the orthodox culture where it is considered shameful to ask for help after you reach a certain level of hierarchy. An executive coach makes it easy for you to admit that you are short of answers and are still looking for them. Our executive coaching at Nirvedha aims to correct your shortcomings through corrective feedback. It is aimed at helping you let go off the fear of failure or flaws.

executive coaching

Changing perceptions about Executive coaching

As against the previous perceptions that you are in need of help when you hire a coach, hiring a coach is now a mark of prestige. It indicates that you are progressing swiftly in your career and want a confidant by your side. Leaders at some of the biggest organizations in the world, including Google and Microsoft subscribe to this thought.

An executive coach asks you to look inside and not outside

You have reached a certain level in your organization by gaining experience, coming good at crucial times and fulfilling your responsibilities. An executive coach reminds you of those times and compels you to find the solutions within you since you are more than capable of it. As a leader in the corporate world, you would be faced with problems which might not directly impact you, but would be of significance for your colleagues. In such situations, you would need to reach out for the solution within you.

As easy as it may sound, it requires tremendous wisdom and leadership skills to offer solutions to others’ problems. You are at a position where the world is watching your every move, where the stakes are high and the people are ready to jump onto every mistake that you make. The best support that you can offer yourself is to hire an executive coach who calms your nerves and gets you looking into the direction where solutions to your problems await you.