In a country like India, executive coaching is still an alien concept and not many are aware of its benefits. However, over the past decade, there seems to be a change in the approach towards leadership development in the Indian Business Organizations. Thanks to the ever-evolving corporate landscape, today many Organizations have realized the benefits of executive coaching for Indian leaders to let them sustain and develop business in VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity) world.
According to a recent survey centered around Indian subcontinent, it has been found that leadership coaching presents a promising way towards the development of leaders. However, there is a strong need to ensure more clarity on the subject and the right implementation process by HR leaders who are responsible for this domain.
The survey discloses the point that HR leaders and coaches think that the bar needs to be lifted across varied Indian industrial landscape. While many of them agreed that the significance of executive coaching in India has witnessed tremendous growth with more focus than any other leadership program organized by top B-schools in the country. It was also revealed that only half of them believe that the current level of a coaching program is effective in providing the envisioned results.

The three primary reasons behind the engagement of an executive coach in the Indian context are:

  • To develop high-potential professionals
  • To assist leader transition to new roles & responsibilities
  • To act as a sounding board

Though executive coaching has developed in terms of its acceptance as a leadership program, a lot needs to be discovered and recognized in terms of how coaching interventions can be more precisely designed and implemented.  This type of coaching has become a preferred way of developing leaders of tomorrow. And there is a need to execute the program in a more streamlined and consistent manner across all channels. The concept of executive coaching programs needs to be reinforced and tailored, in regard to organizations’ goals and outlooks.

At the outset, there needs to be more clarity on an organization’s vision with respect to its coaching program. This would surely increase the likelihood that the outcomes meet its expectations.