Layoffs are one of the hardest time periods for a manager. These are equally tough for the people getting laid off and for the people who are required to pass on the unfortunate news to them. A number of managers would agree that leading a team through the layoffs is one of the hardest parts of their jobs. With low morale and insecurities creeping in, layoffs are times of low productivity and negative atmosphere all around. Amidst these difficult times, the manager is required to keep the team’s productivity high. Unfortunately, there isn’t much guidance available for the managers on how to steer the team through such tumultuous times.

Collect all information about reasons for Layoffs

Whenever I encounter my clients going through such situations at their respective firms, I advise them to gather the maximum information that they can before talking to their subordinates. Irrespective of who took the decision of letting them, you, as a manager, would have to face them and answer their questions. In order to satisfy their queries without spreading rumours, you would need all the possible information on the matter.

Managers must take a step forward

In such times, the significance of communication is often underrated. A number of managers refuse to believe how much an honest communication within the team can help put everyone’s mind at ease. One of the biggest mistakes that managers create is to let it pass under the carpet, thinking that things will go back to normal after a few weeks. However, this silence can hurt the fortunes of the company immensely. Being proactive is one of the most important qualities for any manager, and this is the time you need it the most.

Being a manager, you are certain to have a soft corner for some employees. It becomes especially hard when one of your favourites is asked to quit. Maintaining composure and neutrality during such times is hard. However, these are the times when you establish yourself as a dependable person on whom his subordinates can bank.

Amidst the darkness of layoffs, comes an opportunity for you to show your mettle and strengthen your position. You can and will emerge out of it stronger than ever.