Ancient Indian culture has given the world all sorts of wisdom. Among them, the most significant one which continues to shape today’s world is the tradition of Guru – Shishya (Coach – Coachee) relationship. This Guru – Shishya tradition goes back to the era when seeking guidance was anything but a sign of weakness and being accepted by a Guru was a proud moment. From the time when Lord Krishna calmed down Arjun’s nerves and helped him in looking beyond the visible sorrow and grief to the legendary cricket coach Ramakant Archrekar under whose watchful eyes Sachin Tendulkar became the greatest ever Cricketer, the Guru Shishya tradition has ensured the blossoming of the shish ya and has led to him achieving unparalleled glory.

In today’s corporate world setup, being good at your work is considered equivalent to being a leader. Therefore promotions at work are almost always accompanied with becoming a team leader. You are expected to acquire leadership skills on your own and handle the fortunes of a significant number of people and the organization as a whole. With no formal leadership training or course, many professionals are found wanting when asked to lead a team. This is where the need for an executive coach arises.

But apprehensions about asking for help leads to professionals continuing their own ways and hurting their own and their organization’s efficiency. We ignore the fact that Arjun would not have become the best version of himself if it wasn’t for Lord Krishna. Imagine Sachin being apprehensive about asking for help from his coach – how would that have been for India?

Search for a Guru to enlighten your life

‘Gu’ translates into darkness while ‘Ru’ translates into alleviator or remover. A Guru or a guide or a coach gets rid of your ignorance and acts as a confidant you need. The higher you reach in your professional career, the more difficult it seems to ask for assistance in the form of an executive coach. However, the significance of an executive coach in your professional life only increases with your increasing stature. With so much at stake and so many eyes looking at you, you can barely afford to take a wrong step.

No, leaders are not born. They need an executive coach

Everyone expects your transition from a learner to a leader to be seamless. However, with no adequate support system or training mechanism in place, professionals are left gasping for ideas on how to adapt to this leadership role. The clichéd statement ‘Leaders are born’ is never the case in reality. Leaders are to be nurtured, cared, supported and heard by someone who can act as a friend, philosopher, and guide – an executive coach.