What differentiates a winner from a loser? While talent translates into success many times, it is not always the case. There are innumerable examples of highly talented people falling short of their goals. Parallel to them are the examples of people with average skills who have managed to trek the heights of success. It is a contrast that has intrigued the most advanced researchers and leaders. Those you say that they have figured out the deciding factor say that it is actually the ‘grit’ which makes the difference between the two individuals.

What is grit?

Simply defined, grit is your passion to follow your long term goals. But, as with most things, aspiring to show grit and actually inculcating it in life are two very different things. Developing grit requires you to have a sight of the bigger picture at all the times. Your long term goals provide meaning to your short term activities. This is a trademark of great leaders. Even in the face of the worst adversaries, they keep themselves motivated by visualizing the long term goal. Their calm persona in the face of a daunting challenge often rubs off to the other members of their organization and establishes their position as the true leader. No one really doubts the significance of grit in a leader’s portfolio. The question is about to develop grit in order to be a successful leader.

How can leaders develop grit?

As an executive coach, I always advise my mentees to begin with defining their purpose. Unless you have a deep love for what you are doing, building leadership grit would be tough. A transparent purpose helps you in every action and brings out the best from your associates also. Clarifying this purpose to your staff further helps to integrate the team and encourage them to handhold each other, whenever needed. Your purpose can be personal and may only be precious to you. But as long as you are true to it, it would boost your leadership skills adequately well.

Another advice I pass on is to be competent. Your urge to get better must never expire. Talent is often overrated and leads to the downfall of people. There is no dearth of talented people in the world. However, not all of them can achieve success. Talent would only get you so far. What would decide your future is your competency and zeal to succeed. Constantly working to get better is what develops the grit needed in a leader. Resting on your past laurels is a recipe for disaster. There are always thousands of people vying for your position. The only thing that can stop them from dethroning you is your grit. So don’t overlook it.