One of the most common advices that people usually give to anyone in trouble is to introspect and look for solutions deep inside. While I don’t disapprove of this theory entirely, I firmly believe that too much thinking and no action only weakens a leader and the grip that he should have over his organization. Knowing your leadership style is a key requirement towards achieving success in business and frequent introspection plays a big part in that. With that said, there is absolutely no substitute to action.

Outsight leader looks forward and not back

One of the traits common among all successful leaders is that they are never shy of trying out things. There is no leader who gets it right all the time. But the more things you try, the better is the probability of you getting it right. The leaders that manage to develop this trait are called Outsight leaders. An Outsight leader believes in making things happen by trying to indulge in new projects, activities and interactions. Rather than reflecting on what happened in the past and trying to make sense of it, outsight leaders keep pace with the fast evolving business environment by constantly trying out things.

Becoming an Outsight leader is one of those things which everyone wants to do but only a few have a clue about how to go about it. I come across such cases very frequently during my interaction with my clients. My advice to them is to widen their scope of interaction and get in touch with people who you otherwise don’t interact with. This can be achieved in a number of ways like collaborating with them over a task or taking out time with them after office.

Another advice that I give them is to reinvent their leadership personality. This can include learning by observing famous leaders and stretching your own boundaries beyond the comfort zone that you are so used to. None of these techniques are sure to work for every leader. But either way, there is one certainty – you would emerge a stronger leader with a clear outsight.